A Rural Education


The Loneliness of Vacation

Children often crave a break from schooling, but their happiness does not always last more than a week or two. For children in rural areas, it can be a trying time. They may be used to spending quality time with friends as they commute a long distance for school, and the loneliness of vacation sets in quickly. Rather than being able to interact with friends during the long ride, they are suddenly bereft of company at home. While they might have plenty of siblings, the lack of their school peers limits their ability to socialize.

Spending time with people outside the family might not seem like a privilege to many because they are constantly in the midst of people. For young students living in rural areas, there may be few opportunities outside of church services for them to be with people their own age. Attending school might be a burden as they try to learn complex concepts, but it can also be a joy as they move away from their family circle and acquire new friends.

Vacations should be a time when children are allowed to roam freely and have fun, but not all of them have that experience. Some older students might find they have hours worth of chores on the family farm or ranch, but it does not fill the time they have no access to friends. Modern electronics can be helpful, but what seems to matter most to people is being with others in a real life situation.

Many students complain about the need to return to school after their vacation, but many of them do it only as an expected activity. Most of them seem to look forward to seeing their friends again, and they often find it difficult to wait for the first day of their long and sociable commute.