A Rural Education


The Downside of Commuting

Children are subject to the whims of adults, but that does not necessarily mean they enjoy that element of control. Many of them would rather not attend school, and forcing them to ride long hours during the week might cause resentment. They are not likely to discuss the issue, and they often act out as a way to draw attention to the fact they are unhappy. The long ride can further cause them to be less able to focus when they first arrive at school.

Groups and cliques are a normal part of school life, and those who are not part of one will often suffer at the hands of their fellow classmates. If this situation continues during their long bus ride, unsupervised time can be a major issue for them. School districts have begun placing cameras in school buses to combat bullying of students to help avoid this issue, but it should be addressed as soon as possible to keep it from escalating into physical harm to a child.